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The new Allflaws instrumental album Ghostrumentals is out now on Derelict State Records.

The single BECOMING is available to buy. Preview below.

Allflaws also have a new video for the track ANTIFRAGILE.  Watch it in the video section.

All videos are made by Allflaws producer Gabriel Curran.

Thank you for all the amazing support.

Preview the latest single (Becoming) on iTunes 

Preview the latest instrumental album (Ghostrumentals) on iTunes 

Images from video shoots for Nemesis and Soul Spectre


Check out the latest Allflaws video

Allflaws "Antifragile includes many influences from electronica, industrial hip hop,

trip hop, drum and bass, spoken word, punk, noise rap and much more. Click here for more videos.

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Allflaws t shirt
Allflaws t shirt

About Allflaws Trip Hop

Allflaws was created in 2004 by vocalist and producer Gabriel Curran. They have released all of their recordings on UK label Derelict State Records and have seven albums to date. They are very much a progression of the notorious Bristol Sound which has spawned artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Roni Size. Alfllaws have continued this musical experimentation and have gained respect as one of the most subversive and underground acts to come from Bristol. 

A vast array of genres are present in the music, creating an interesting sound that does not fit into any contemporary mould or trend. The Allflaws sound can be described as an eclectic hybrid of industrial hip hop, trip hop, spoken word, electronica and breakbeat . Merging together thought provoking rap based lyricism with deep layered electronic beats and soundscapes.

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