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Date 15/01/2016

New album

Allflaws have a new album Apparitions out now. Check it out on the main page.

Date 10/01/2015

Busy B

Currently in the studio working on new Allflaws material. Expecting to have to some new releases in 2015.....
Good luck to you all for this year. Blessings - Gabriel.

Date 08/01/2015

Soulless - Words by Gabriel Curran

The last person leaves for hotel Babylonia.
I guess I'm alone now to face the truth, and its smug list of foes, foibles and failures.
Time took its time in coming for me. But now I'm here with just a candles solidarity glare,
a flickering reminder, a vague recollection of hope, fading slowly into the cold shuddering shadows of night.
Nothing ever lasts forever my friend, repeating like mantra in the gutters of my slumber hole.
I am now an apprentice of loneliness, but its not loneliness that I'm really afraid of.
No, I'm afraid of this hideously mundane wallpaper, stained with jet black discontent.
All dirty and dowdy, frayed and beaten up. Old, insipid and kitsch with no spirit left in its withered creases.
No, I'm  afraid of my reflection becoming this room and this room becoming me.
The smouldering carcass of my past is rotting beneath these floorboards. And, all I can do is watch this flirtatious flame dance my time away.
Just deep and shallow inertia, flickering TV screens, drunken distant voices, and the occasional thud of a living being walking across the ceiling.
My only fleeting conversation is with the scurrying little rodents, as they embark on their perilous missions to the cupboard and back.
Even the ghosts have lost their spirits, and fled for a new haunt.
Even Satan himself has better things to do then pay me a fucking visit.
The abyss has become my most reliable and trusted companion. This realm of vapid distopia has a new tenant to nurture blind.
Nestling into the stark darkness, forming comfort bonds with the fallen, hollow and soulless.
These walls have me forever blind, forever inside away from my dreams. Forever, forever, forever.

Date 08/01/2015

Third Eye - Words by Gabriel Curran

The world we now live in, is a vast and profound miasma of inter-connectivity and boundless reach. A melting pot of exchanged ideas, opinions and creativity, all pumped through this extraordinarily powerful, trusted and sophisticated technology called the internet. This has been at the forefront of a mass awakening, radical new spiritual movements and has allowed a rip roaring deluge of counter culture information to pour into the consciousness of the masses. This is a momentous achievement and has been incredible for a free democratic society and the liberation of information. It has allowed a vast array of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, activists to propagate their works to a potential huge audience, which would never normally be achieved through the traditional and mainstream ways of distribution. This is clearly very positive and it must be acknowledged for all its growth and technological evolution.
In particular, I am interested in the development and progression of the counter culture, conspiracy and new age movements with their vast and colorful array of gurus, philosophers, shamans, researchers, scholars and spiritual teachers, all proliferating their radical and aw-inspiring ideas out to the populace. Ive witnessed the most cogent, empowering and enlightening documentaries, internet radio shows, pod casts, blogs, books and music. Its all been very optimistic and I think it has ultimately helped to raise the overall awareness and consciousness of the globe.
Unfortunately with everything pro there is often something con, and I strongly feel this applies to this situation. I think that we are always in grave danger of being mislead, misinformed and deceived by information that is skewed, co-opted and fictitious. We have the pseudo new age spiritualists, the fear mongering conspiracy theorists, and the morbid and foreboding doom and gloom forums. There seems to be this insidious and malignant undercurrent of in-authenticity, a bunch of disingenuous infiltrators who are just doing more harm than good. A collective of under qualified, under researched charlatans who masquerade wisdom and truth.
The counterfeits and ill equipped really need to be weeded out as they are undoubtedly casting spells on their credulous and naive followers. They are also undermining the genuine and authentic practitioners who have done such noble and cogent research.
Disseminating dogmatic and so times stupendous, unprovable information does nothing for the growth of consciousness or any radical movement. It just debases it, makes a mockery of it, and gives the mainstream establishment a perfect excuse to ridicule it to death. You now see fear mongering Hollywood films being made about 2012 and the occult. You see these cheesy, tacky and overtly dramatized US news programs which warn us of devastating cataclysms, surveillance societies and a microchip population.
Its clearly now got the hype, street cred and wow factor, but does that mean its any good for seeking the truth. Its clearly more popularized and common place now in the mainstream, with even high profile celebrities talking of occult rituals, new world order, symbolism and the various other facets of the conspiracy movement. Its become a kind of cheap media circus, full of bright lights, bravado and fearful melodrama.
Does this actually increase awareness or just help to undermine it?
Many of these movements have now become like hip, sub-terrain trends and cliques. Where its more about the cool factor then finding out the real truth. Yes, its actually become cool and interesting to believe and talk of something radical, esoteric, conspiratorial or fantastical. And yes, just Just like music sub cultures its been infiltrated by the mainstream and its become about the alternative bohemian identity, and about the juicy cosmic lingo and amass of buzz word triggers and interesting phrases.
We know that there is spin, double speak, propaganda, deception, ms-information coming from the mainstream machine. But that also applies to the counter culture. It is not immune to corruption and lies, and should be questioned and deconstructed always. Critical thinking should apply to everything. All should be tested, investigated, cross referenced and researched. Otherwise we are just a bunch of new age sheep just blindly following the flock.
Another important point is the way this information is delivered. I see a lot of depressive fear mongering and hopeless complaining. A lot of draining anger and frustration spewing from the mouths of the many conspiracy theorists and researchers.
I'm not saying don't be angry at the systems injustices. No, I'm saying be fucking angry but do it in away that's vibrant, inspiring and motivating. Turn anger into into a more effective and positive energy that is more beneficial.
This can be achieved and its far more productive for everyone involved. By simply remaining acrimonious all the time in your state of being is nothing but completely draining and debilitating. Our way of (being) is as vital. Our way of communicating is vital. Our energy and vibration is vital. Our warmness of character is vital. VITAL. VITAL. VITAL.
People don't want to listen to the trite doom and gloom. This is ineffective a lot of the time and sometimes does more harm than good. We must try to demonstrate great being through our poise and conduct, play and humor, expression and creativity, laughter and vibrancy. If that is not there then something is fundamentally wrong and must be fixed. Look at the late great Alan Watt. A great example of a guy who could educate and fight against oppression in the most amazing harmonious way. So full of zest, creativity, charisma and purity. So unhinged, unique, original, warm. Now that's a guy. As Neil Kramer said, lets merge knowledge with being and see that they are both equally as important.

Date 08/01/2015

Mundane Monday - Words by Gabriel Curran

The alarm clock rings and billions of people wake then set off on their daily ritualistic journey's. Scurrying along, catching buses and trains, slurping coffee, reading papers, walking and eating, yawning and wiping the sleep from their weary eyes.
Its all seems so harmless, normal and routine. After all, its been deeply rendered into our every life's and passed through generation after generation. So who would even stop to question it?
Who would you ever question such a frequent and common occurrence. All through our childhood, we have been preened and prepared for a structured life of mechanical regime, routine and relentless order.
Every governmental institution we ever passed through was getting us ready for this life. This seamlessly chaotic life of diligent busy workers, endlessly clocking in and clocking out.
Society seems to have been ingrained with this submissive attitude, of live for the weekend and hate Monday's. Well why can't for live for the week and love Monday's like we love Saturdays? Its been so normalized to feel this way. Everyone dreading this ugly foreboding day called Monday, and everyone counting down and urging the weekend to arrive with baited breath.
The weekend then becomes that one ray of hopeful light, that one bit of pleasure, play and freedom afforded to us by the working system. And governments wonder why so many people obliterate themselves every weekend with rampant hedonistic use of alcohol and drugs.
The weekend becomes this insatiable playpen of manic escapism and temporary relieve. The weekdays are just tainted by everlasting drudgery, monotony, lethargy of spirit and soulless repetitiveness.
Its a rarity to hear someone say they are looking forward to work next week. Instead you hear the same words of discontent, boredom, dissatisfaction and the rest of the other mundane Monday cliches.
Some people are mightily blessed with jobs they cherish and look forward to everyday with passion, verve and vigor. But I feel these people are few and far between and most of them are earning very generous salaries with allow them to have more fruitful existence's. The rest of society are just clambering onto low wage pay, barely making ends meat with all their precious time taken up by a ferociously demanding and unforgiving working system.
I suspect most bankers, politicians, sportsman, celebrities love going to work. I bet they love Monday mornings with their expensive coffee and croissants. Well on their wages what do you expect? These people are the very fortunate minority. The majority are just tired and hapless cog's in the machinery. Endlessly turning the wheels of capitalism. Completely subservient to the ridiculous rules that are thrusted upon them.
My words may seem bigoted, melodramatic, ultra cynical and almost dis-utopian. But just maybe this is a glaring and painful truth, and we have all actually be fooled and schooled into believing this is actually the right way to live our daily life's. Just maybe we are so utterly credulous and indoctrinated beyond belief that we don't even have the vision to know any different. Just passive humanoids relentlessly working and consuming. Never questioning this reality, but merely just playing along.
I myself have been lucky that I've been able to mostly avoid this insidious routine and actually do something I enjoy. Ive had and the privilege of righteously practicing my art, and I have not been too bogged down with things I don't really want to do. Maybe I come across deluded and overtly utopian to think that everyone should be able live like that. Waking up every Monday morning, happy, excited and full of joy for their daily tasks. Maybe that's too much like a fantasy and that is just not possible. But what about more of a balance as a compromise? Where we have a choice of a life style which focuses less on money, attainment and rampant work ethic but more on time for family, friends, creativity, leisure and spiritual growth. Is that too much to ask?
Well unfortunately in our society. Politicians would probably never dramatically raise the minimum wage and reduce the working hours to allow people more leisure time. That's simply out of the question and nothing but a futile dream. So what next? How do we find a way to combat this oppressive way of living?

Date 08/01/2015

The Morning - Words by Gabriel Curran

The unnatural waking state into the sound of cluttering plates.
The pulling from the pillow into the weeping of the willow.
The morning breath chill, the waking against your will.
The 7:30am spill, of the coffee with no thrill.
The removal from the dream into the madness of routine.
The frost covered car and the barking dogs of Babylon.
They want to keep us here forever, until death do us part.

Date 02/01/2015

Top Allflaws Twitter posts 2013/14

How to really piss the devil off.
Be free, happy and positive.

The fact that I'm staring into the screen right now renders me fucking useless.

Beware of the energy vampires. They lurk in the shadows, masquerading as benevolent as they slowly suck the life from your soul.

Get out of the left brain.

The best way to kill a man is to kill his dreams.

Friday was a day created by angels to fend of devils.

Doom and gloom is not the way forward. To survive the matrix you need a radiant and glowing spirit.

Money is it really worth it?

True balanced spirits know how to have a laugh. If that's lacking then somethings really wrong.

Flow with laughter, flow with a light spirit, flow with the universe. See what happens.

Welcome to the carnival of fear otherwise known has the 21st century.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people to live in fear of what other people think.

Fortune favors the diligent.

The system is designed for us to do the things we dislike with little bits of pleasure thrown in for comfort. Its all a scam in my mind.

Simon says follow a trend.
I say lets slap Simon and tell him to shut the f... up.

Prosaic music is all the fashion these days.

Some rules are just guidelines for fools.

Famous for doing fuck all. A sign of the times.

Fame is hollow and worthless. Substance and integrity are priceless.

For most working class people JOB stands for Just Over Broke.
This system is clearly designed for that.

Monday should be canceled.

You've got no song writing skills, you've got shit lyrics, you've no originality and you're rich and famous. You know who you are.

The poets of today sound like ten year old's with bad attitudes. Dumbed down, vapid and vacuous with nothing but verbal diarrhea.

Allflaws is simply made from pain, joy, angst, love, laughter, anger and all the rest of those cliches.

Don't let the world switch turn you on. You switch the world on.

I could run for days on the rage that pumps through my veins.

How callous and cruel the imagination can be, when it turns your mind into the enemy.

How callous and cruel the imagination can be, when it turns your mind into the enemy.

The present is a gift from the past.

The evil genius of the mind is that it can create and harbor its own demise.

Consumerism is the opium of the masses.

Good morning insanity would you like a cup of coffee.

The rich make the rules and the poor become their fools.

Nothing better then chocolate and coffee. These are my hard drugs.

Better a cynical man then a credulous one.

Having a good sense of humor is as important as having a good diet and regular exercise.

Why not dream your life away. Far more exciting than the mundane reality that the system provides.

Computers are slowly killing our souls.

sometimes desires a burden to us all.

Tuesdays are better than Mondays but worse than Wednesdays.

Remove yourself from negative people. Just their presence will detune your whole vibration and take you down.

This world is under curse of these instant fame seekers. People who will do anything to be in the limelight.You're all enemies to each other.

The commercial music games been rigged. If only more people knew they would stop playing.

A positive and healthy mind is more powerful than any drug.

Society wants us all to be parts of the machine. Repeating, soulless entities who are governed by time. That shit ain't for me sorry.

Fun should be written into the education system. They wouldn't do that though. kids might start to be happy and really free.

OK society is fucked and society will probably always be fucked. A negative attitude will never change that. Wake up suckers. Its a trap.

Creativity is good for your health.

Satan hates Friday's because everyone starts to feel positive again.

I'm right brained.

Did the Mayans have topless women in their calender?

The karma that you sow, will be the fate you reap,
The dreams that you kill, will be the nightmares that you sleep.

We have two paths to take. The authentic path or the inauthentic path.

Hedonism is a good friend of mine.

School teachers are mostly repeaters stuck in the left brain. Best unlearn everything and start again kids.

My brain has been installed with the very latest version of trepidation XL The best software to manage and operate all my neurosis’s.

I a real nice guy until I have to deal with nob heads.

Did you know that the UK is small and compact so it can fit nicely up the anus of the United States.

You rap fast but say nothing.

Rule, school and fool actually rhyme for a good reason.

The Allflaws machine is having some new parts fitted.

Let the devils be sedated and the angels fly high.

The world is bigger than a flashing screen.

The monitory system or the money tree system.

My shape shifting lessons are going very well.

The system would love me to stop making music and work in a sausage factory.

Live life to the motherfucking max. That might mean you have to be unhealthy every once in a while.

Music is the one thing that seems to stop time.

The sun is boisterous and motherfuckers be complaining. This is England.

The weak will be guided by exterior forces. The strong will do what they want when they want. Pander to nothing, bow to nobody. Bless.

A blue sky can thwart a thousand demons.

Ive been in this studio so long now I'm starting to see little green goblins and shape shifting reptiles.

The sun just showed its face then f..... back off to never never land.

Ice skating on the surface of suffering.

Dear Santa Corporation, for Xmas I would like you to feed and clothe, and stop all the pain and suffering in third world countries.

The music genre is like music racism. Just separating something that is ultimately connected.

99% percent of people are most likely floundering at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs.

I'm so right brained I cant turned left anymore.

My brains been delayed.

The education system. Well it teaches you to copy, repeat, plagiarize, conform.

Having fun will most likely make you live longer.

Fools are made of lust and desire and I am one of them.

If god exists only in our minds, then we are the only guides.

We become servants to our cerebral mold, mentally shaped by the patterns of old.

Any fool can fly, it's coming down and landing which is the hard part.

When a man becomes wise he will lose 99% of his friends.

Keep the ball England. It's like watching a hungover pub team.

Fooled by your fakery, charmed by your gimmickry, dazzled by your dynasty, in ore of your supremacy.

We need to invent a giant hoover which can suck the clouds out of the sky for a clear sunny day.

I'm so tired of England's shit weather. I'm moving to Wales.

Santa is Satan here to corrupt small children.

Stay on your game and don't clutter your life with frivolous nonsense. Too much chaos and activity will disrupt the flow.